Language services

Life is France is a real challenge but after a few months to get integrate, all expats have the same thought: “It’s worth it!”

After 13 years in Poitou-Charentes and thanks to my english language skills (with still a beautiful french accent!), I have learned to know you, your expectations and your troubles but also your fantastic energy to create businesses and setting new challenges.

So I aim to help you develop your businesses in rural France and help to bring you to the attention of the local French people. These past years have seen me joining the local politics and being a part of the economic development in South Deux-Sevres, I can help you setting up your business, develop and extend your business and, over all: finding the right way in the jungle of french bureaucracy!
I don’t do miracles. But if I can’t help you, I will send you to one of my contact who will be more able to help.
And of course, I can translate all your trading documents from leaflets, through mails, to your website and even your catalog.

Last ,(but not least!), because it’s difficult to reach more french clients without the right french language, I regularly organize Business French Seminars on request.

IN THE CLEF (the language center in Sauzé-Vaussais) :

  • Business assistance with Emilie on Monday 9-12 am
  • Everyday life assistance with Janet on appointment
  • Sworn translation (birth certificates, legal paperwork…) with Valérie on request.
  • All language services are available in other languages. Our team can help you in Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.
  • And anytime email me at !


Assistance for paperwork/calls/ appointment… 40 €/ hour
Translation from english to french: from 0,05 €/word (no birth certificates or tribunal translations)
Translation from french to english (proof read by english natives): from 0,08 €/word
French proofreading: from 10€/ page or 40€ per hour spent

Ask for a quote!

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